Had to do it again!

I asked a question on my Facebook page the other day and was quite surprised by the response. The questions was: If you could give one piece of advice to those who are about to be married, one thing you wish you had known to help you plan the big day - what would it be?

I thought this might result in some organisation gems for the brides to be on my page. There were some, but one other real theme that emerged.

Firstly: Plan early and make a list of all the things you need to organize so you can cross them off as you do them. Then: Relax once the big day has started...whatever happens, happens.

Then a series of comments: "..remember to pause and enjoy the day itself. Too easy to get caught up with everything and it goes so fast, take time to enjoy it!" "enjoy your day with your new spouse, talk to all your guests, have a good dance & eat dessert :) Make sure u have a longer reception, it goes way to fast" "All the little details that seem so important to have on your big day...you realise they don't really matter after the wedding...you can get married without them and that's what the day is all about:D We left the red carpet and hand made decorations and guest seating behind mid ceremony and got married under a shade sail in the rain with our guests standing and watching...and it was still the BEST DAY of our lives! My advice is remember what the day is all about."

I had a couple of people afterwards send me emails saying the same thing. They spent so much time focussing on the "stuff" making sure the chairs are there, the flowers are just right, the wine is sorted for the reception (well, OK, maybe that one is important:) but they didn't focus on the really important stuff, making sure they day was planned so they would have a great time, ensuring they had plenty of time to spend with loved ones.

There's a good message in there for anyone coming up to the big day:

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