Please read the following to assist you with you special day.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please feel free to call me or send me an email.


Why should I pick you to be my celebrant?


I only book more than one wedding in a day if there is more than four hours between the finish time of the first and the start time of the second, so if you're running early or late, I'm going to be available for you.  If you've heard those horror stories about brides left waiting an hour for their celebrant to come back from another wedding because she ran 20 minutes late and the celebrant had another wedding booked - you don't need to worry!  I don't have a limit to meetings, phone calls or emails.I don't have optional extra's.  A large good quality cordless PA system isn't a "nice to have".  People should be able to hear what's going on on the big day so it's included in the price.  An onsite rehearsal is another important thing that should be included.  You shouldn't have to pay extra to have extra phone calls or meetings - so it's all included.



How much do you charge and what do I get for my money?


Full service planning, rehearsal, legal paperwork and ceremony - $695. 
A non-refundable deposit of $300 is payable within 14 days of notifying me you would like me to be your celebrant.  The balance due 7 days prior to the ceremony.

I don’t have add-on’s or extra’s for you to buy, it’s all included:
- Drafting of the ceremony and all legal requirements
- Submission of paperwork to Birth’s Deaths and marriages
- The commemorative copy of your marriage certificate with calligraphy
- The Ceremony and rehearsal(s)
- Signing Table (and a pretty pen!)
- Wireless PA system with music capability to ensure we can all be heard. 
- All the meetings, phone calls and emails you need to be happy leading up to the big day!
There may be an additional charge if the ceremony is being held outside of metropolitan Perth


What are the legal requirements?


1.  You both must be over the age of 18 years.  There are some exceptions to this, please feel free to call me if     you have any questions.

2.  Prior to the day of marriage, you need to produce either your Birth Certificates if born in Australia and           some photo identification and if born outside Australia you need to produce, at minimum, a Passport.

3.  You must complete the Notice of intended marriage one month prior to the ceremony.

4.  If either of you have been previously married you must produce your Decree Absolute.

5.  You must have two witnesses above the age of 18 on the day of the ceremony.

6.  There are a number of other legal requirements on the day, but your celebrant will take care of those for        you.


How long in advance should I contact a celebrant?


IThere is really no maximum length of time.  As far as a minimum time, there is paperwork that is required to be completed not less than a month prior to the ceremony.

Do we have to or can we talk about religion and/or God?


I am a civil celebrant which means I do not represent a church or a religion. If you would like to mention God or make any spiritual reference within your ceremony, then I am more than happy to to help you design a ceremony that incorporates that. There is not a legal requirement for you to reference religion or God in your ceremony.